vimm-pub eetbare maquette | het grootste fablab van Nederland

Eetbare Maquette

Materiaal MDF
Techniek Lasersnijden
Verwerking Verlijmt

Our lab is located in a downtown harbour area under heavy development, so when we contacted a local event coordinator and some caterers to come up with a plan to feed 50+ people, the edible harbour model was born.

With maps taken from Google, our designers went to work and vectorised a section of Tilburg. We then cut and marked a floorplan in the lasercutter, and added another layer for elevation. The model was then coated several times to make it food-safe and liquid proof.

The caterer (Etenswaar) then took over to dress up the model further with cake, lollipops, fruit, chocolate and more. After a 5 course dinner, people were finally allowed to dig in to the desserts. ‘te gekke etenjes’ coordinated the events.