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Foamcube controller with lollipop jog-sticks

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Techniek Lasersnijden

Our Foamcube (a machine that was invented by Pete @ fablab013) needed a control-unit to easily adjust speeds and to jog the hotwire into position. After a night full of inspiration and 2D vector-drawing in inkscape (free download) I came up with a new design.

The full controller is cut out of a single sheet of 5 mm. poplar and is put together with some glue and 3 mm. stainless steel bolts. It squeezes a full CNC USB controller , 4 stepper drivers , a 360 Watt power supply, 2 lollipop jog sticks, some switches and a bunch of wiring inside.

The living hinges (bendable wood) were made by laser cutting lines close to eachother so the wood has room to bend.