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    failed_3d 3D printing has come a long way in the past few years, but as we write this printing parts correctly can still prove to be very frustrating. At fablab013 we often print with experimental 3D printing filaments. Some of these are brittle, tangle easily or simply break in half. We grew a little tired of having to restart a print because filament broke half-way or the short experimental rolls simply ran out.

    That’s why we took a few minutes to create our simple but very effective 3D filament break sensor. It is battery operated so it’s easy to install. As long as filament is loaded the sensor does not use any battery power so it lasts forever, but …. if filament DOES break, or if the roll runs out, the 105 Decibel sirene connected to the micro-switch will get every labmanager in the lab to drop what they’re doing to fix the filament before it affects the print itself.

    When the alarm goes off we typically have 40-60 seconds to reload or fix the problem. More than enough time. We have not had a failed print due to breakage ever since we installed our alarm.